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Glass Breakage Detector
Motion Detector
Network Interface
Request to Exit Detector
Request to Exit Sensor
Security Camera
Smoke Detector
System Controller

Arecont Vision
GE Security

ACTi ACM 8511 PTZ Camera
ACTi B51 Indoor Dome Camera
ACTi B52 Indoor Dome Camera
ACTi B53 Indoor Dome Camera
ACTi D Series Bullet Camera
ACTi D Series Dome Camera
ACTi D11 Cube Camera
ACTi D12 Cube Camera
ACTi D91 Mini Dome Camera
ACTi D92 Mini Dome Camera
ACTi E Series Box Camera
ACTi E Series Bullet Camera
ACTi E Series Cameras
ACTi E Series Cube Camera
ACTi E Series Dome Camera
ACTi E Series Mini Dome Camera
ACTi E Series Mini Fisheye Dome Camera
ACTi ENR 1000 Standalone NVR
ACTi ENR 120 Standalone NVR
ACTi ENR 130 Standalone NVR
ACTi ENR 140 Standalone NVR
ACTi Fisheye Dome Camera
ACTi I Series Hemispheric Dome Camera
ACTi I Series Zoom Box Camera
ACTi I Series Zoom Bullet Camera
ACTi INR 410 Standalone NVR
ACTi INR 420 Standalone NVR
ACTi Multi Channel Encoders
ACTi PTZ Camera
ACTi Speed Dome PTZ Camera
ACTi Universal Accessories
ACTi Zoom Box Camera
ACTi Zoom Bullet Camera
ACTi Zoom Dome Camera
Arecont SurroundVideo Cameras
Arecont Vision AV10005 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV1115v1 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV1145 3310 D MegaBall IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV1145 3310 W MegaBall IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV1305 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV1310 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV1355 IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV2105 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV2110 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV2115v1 Series Camera
Arecont Vision AV2145 3310 W MegaBall IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV2155 IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV8185 IP Camera
Arecont Vision AV8365 Camera
Arecont Vision M5108 Series Camera
Arecont Vision MegaBall 2 Camera
Arecont Vision MegaBall IP Camera
Arecont Vision MegaDome 2 Camera
Arecont Vision MegaView 2 Camera
Arecont Vision MicroDome IP Camera
Arecont Vision SurroundVideo IP Camera
Arecont Vision Universal Accessories
Arecont Vision Universal Lens
Axis 216FD Network Camera Accessories
Axis 291 1U Video Server Rack
Axis Extended Warranties
Axis Housings and Mounts
Axis M30 Series Network Cameras
Axis M3007 P Network Camera
Axis M3014 Network Camera
AXIS M32 Network Camera
Axis Midspan 16 Port Server
Axis Midspan 8 Port Server
Axis P Series Cameras
AXIS P3354 Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3364 LV Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3364 LVE Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3364 V Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3364 VE Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3367 V Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3367 VE Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3384 V Fixed Dome Network Camera
AXIS P3384 VE Fixed Dome Network Camera
Axis P7701 Video Decoder
Axis Pendant Mounts
AXIS Q1635 Network Camera
Axis Q1755 Network Camera
AXIS Q2901 E Network Camera
Axis Recessed Mounts
Axis Stand Alone Encoders
Axis Universal Accessories
Axis Universal Dome
Axis Video Accessories
Bosch Accessories
Bosch Advt Line Analog Cams
Bosch Advt Line Recorders
Bosch Advt. Line Analog Cams.
Bosch Controls
Bosch Divar Digital Video Recorder
Bosch DS1100i Glass Breakage Detector Series
Bosch DS150i Request to Exit PIR Detector
Bosch DS151i Request to Exit Sensor
Bosch DS160 High Performance Request to Exit Sensor
Bosch DS720i Series Long Range TriTech Detector
Bosch DS9370 Series Panoramic TriTech Detector
Bosch DS938Z Ceiling Mount PIR Intrusion Detector
Bosch F220 P Photoelectric Smoke Detector
Bosch F220 Series Accessories
Bosch Intr Fire n Acc Cntrl
Bosch Intr Fire n AccCntrl
Bosch Intr. FirenAcc.Cntrl.
Bosch IntuiKey Series Digital Keyboard
Bosch Universal Accessories
Bosch Universal Cable
Bosch Universal Lens
Digimerge D3000 Summit Series DVR
Digimerge DNR400 Series NVR
Digimerge DNR500 Series NVR
Digimerge Universal Accessories
DIGIOP Universal Accessories
Dotworkz D2 Cooldome
Dotworkz D2 Heater Blower
Dotworkz D2 Ring of Fire
Dotworkz D2 Tornado
Dotworkz D3 Cooldome Enclosure
Dotworkz Universal Accessories
GE Data Receivers
GE Data Transceivers
GE Data Transmitters
GE Fiber Optic Accessories
GE Mounting Accessories
GE Security Digia II DVR
GE Security TruVision DVR 11
GE Security Universal Accessories
GE Security Universal Lens
GE Touch Tone Telephone Iface
IFS AR1000 Series Audio Transmitter
IFS AT1000 Series Audio Transmitter
IFS Universal Accessories
ipConfigure Universal Accessories
MOBOTIX 10 Degree On Wall Set for D and Q Series
MOBOTIX AllroundDual M15 Camera
MOBOTIX AllroundMono M25 Camera
MOBOTIX CamIO M12 Connector Cable
MOBOTIX Connector Cable ExtIO 5m
MOBOTIX DualDome D15 Camera
MOBOTIX DualDome D15 Camera Accessories
MOBOTIX Ethernet Patch Cable
MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q24 Accessories
MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q25
MOBOTIX In Ceiling Set for D and Q Series
MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station T24
MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station T25
MOBOTIX MonoDome D25 Camera
MOBOTIX On Wall Set for D and Q Series
MOBOTIX Outdoor Wall Mount for D and Q Series
MOBOTIX Pole Mount for Use with Wall Mount MX OPT WH
Mobotix Q25M Series
MOBOTIX S15 Camera
MOBOTIX S15 Camera Accessories
MOBOTIX Universal Accessories
MOBOTIX Universal Cable
MOBOTIX Universal Lens
MOBOTIX Universal Power
MOBOTIX Vandalism V15
Next Level Decoders
Nitek Universal Accessories
NLSS Gateway
NLSS Universal Accessories
NVT NV 1613 Hub
NVT NV 1672 Hub
NVT NV 208A M Video Transceiver
NVT NV 214A M Video Transceiver
NVT NV 216A PV Transceiver
NVT NV 218A PVD Transceiver
NVT NV 226J PV Transmitter
NVT NV 3213 Hub
NVT NV 3262 Hub
NVT NV 413A Transceiver
NVT NV 452R Receiver
NVT NV 652R Video Receiver
NVT NV 653T Transmitter
NVT NV 716J PVD Cable Integrator Hub
NVT NV 842 Hub
NVT NV 872 Hub
NVT NV RM8 10 Rack Panel
NVT Passive Transceivers
NVT Universal Accessories
OnSSI Universal Accessories
Orion 15RCR LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 15RTC LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 15RTV LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 17RCR LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 17RTC LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 17RTV LCD Security Monitor
Orion 19RCR LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 19RTC LCD CCTV Monitor
Orion 19RTV CCTV Security Monitor
Orion 20PVM Public View Monitor
Orion 32RTC LCD CCTV Monitor
Panasonic Attune Headsets
Panasonic PLZ27 5DN Lens
Panasonic PLZ29 27 Lens
Panasonic PLZ5 10 Lens
Panasonic POH1500HB Outdoor Housing
Panasonic Surv. Software
Panasonic Universal Accessories
Panasonic Universal Housing
Panasonic Universal Lens
Panasonic Universal Mount Bracket
Panasonic WJ HD616 DVR
Panasonic WJ HD716 DVR
Panasonic WJ ND400 Network Video Recorder
Panasonic WJ NV200 NVR
Panasonic WJ NV300 NVR
Panasonic WV CU650 System Controller
Panasonic WV CW504 Dome Camera
Panasonic WV LZA61 2S Lens
Samsung Box Cameras
Samsung Dome Cameras
Samsung DVRs
Samsung SRD 1642 DVR
Samsung SRD 1653D DVR
Samsung SRD 1654D DVR
Samsung SRD 1676D DVR
Samsung SRD 1680D DVR
Samsung SRD 442 DVR
Samsung SRD 473D DVR
Samsung SRD 476D DVR
Samsung SRD 840 DVR
Samsung SRD 842 DVR
Samsung SRD 850DC DVR
Samsung SRD 852D DVR
Samsung SRD 854D DVR
Samsung SRD 873D DVR
Samsung SRD 880D DVR
Samsung SRN 1000 NVR
Samsung SRN 1673S NVR
Samsung SRN 16SEN NVR
Samsung SRN 4000 NVR
Samsung SRN 470D NVR
Samsung SRN 472S NVR
Samsung SRN 473S NVR
Samsung SRN 64SEN NVR
Samsung SRN 873S NVR
Samsung SVS 5E
Samsung Universal Accessories
Samsung Universal Lenses
Samsung Universal Power
Sony Accessories
Sony EVID70 Color Camera
Sony Housings
Sony NSR Series Network Surveillance Recorder
Sony Universal Accessories
Tamron 13FG22IR SQ Lens
Tamron 13FM22IR Lens
Tamron 13VG1040ASIR SQ Lens
Tamron 13VG2811ASIR SQ Lens
Tamron Asph IR VF Lenses
Tamron DCV12 Mini Dome Camera
Tamron M13VG246 Lens
Tamron M13VG308 Lens
Tamron M13VM246 Lens
Tamron M13VM308 Lens
Tamron Universal Accessories
Tamron Universal Lenses
VideoIQ Universal Accessories
Videolarm ACH8 ACH13 Aluminum Outdoor Housing
Videolarm Housings
Videolarm RC200 Ceiling Mount Wedge Housing
Videolarm RHP75 Housing
Videolarm SDW SuperDome
Videolarm Universal Accessories
Videolarm Universal Mount Bracket
Videolarm Warrior Elite Series Accessories
Videolarm WM20G Gooseneck
Videotec Universal Accessories
VMP ER LCD1017 Mount
VMP FRM Series Mount
VMP LCD 1 Mount
VMP LCD 1C Mount
VMP LCD 2 Mount
VMP LCD 2537 Mount
VMP LCD 2537C Mount
VMP LCD PV Mount Kit
VMP PM 2 Projector Mount
VMP PM 3 Projector Mount
VMP PMC S Enclosure
VMP Universal Accessories

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Video Security

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Cameras, DVR, Fixed Dome, Network, Color, Surveillance

POS Global offers a variety of video security items. Browse our selections and feel free to contact us for more information or to see how our products can benefit your company. Plan on buying something else? Don't forget to purchase a wireless telephone.

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Security-Camera Manufacturer: ACTI CORPORATION INC.
5MP Indoor dome D/N,IR,Fixed D NR POE
B51 Indoor Dome Camera (5MP, D/N, IR, Fixed DNR, POE)

SKU: ACI-B51      Mfr Part#: B51




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Home > Video-Security > ACTi B51 Indoor Dome Camera

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