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POS Accessories

Cradles, Battery, Adaptor, Cables, Stylus, Display

Searching POS Accessories? POS Global has an assortment of POS accessories for you to select from. You can browse online today and feel free to contact us for more information or to better understand how our products can benefit you. Plan on buying something else? Don't forget to purchase Cash Drawers.

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Mobility Kit (M70 only)
Mobility Kit (M70 only)
Mobility Kit (M70 only)

SKU: ING-M70ACCKIT02      Mfgr Part#: M70-ACCKIT-02


In Stock


Lane 7000 & 8000 Adapter Plate
Lane 7000 & 8000 Adapter Plate
Lane 7000 & 8000 Adapter Plate

SKU: ING-296227212AB      Mfgr Part#: 296227212AB


In Stock


NE360C mPOS payment cradle lock to base
NE360C mPOS payment cradle lock to base
NE360C mPOS payment cradle lock to base

SKU: ING-SEN352000      Mfgr Part#: SEN352000


In Stock


NE360C Cradle counter/wall dock
NE360C Cradle counter/wall dock
NE360C Cradle counter/wall dock

SKU: ING-SEN351987      Mfgr Part#: SEN351987


In Stock


Anti-Removal iUR250
Anti-Removal iUR250
Anti-Removal iUR250

SKU: ING-SEN351564      Mfgr Part#: SEN351564


In Stock


NE360 Samsung Tab Active 2/3 Case
NE360 Samsung Tab Active 2/3 Case
NE360 Samsung Tab Active 2/3 Case

SKU: ING-SEN352001      Mfgr Part#: SEN352001


In Stock


ENS OEM Stand w/ standard security
ENS OEM Stand w/ standard security
ENS OEM Stand w/standard security. Includes glue pad, mounting screws, and M4x8 Tamper-proof screw

SKU: ING-SEN351776      Mfgr Part#: SEN351776


In Stock


ENS OEM CSA with Regular Hex Head
ENS OEM CSA with Regular Hex Head
ENS OEM CSA with Regular Hex Head

SKU: ING-SEN351788      Mfgr Part#: SEN351788




40pk Cleaning Cards
40pk Cleaning Cards

SKU: ING-296118799      Mfgr Part#: 296118799




UPM Clip - Spacepole
UPM Clip - Spacepole
UPM Clip - Spacepole. This can be used as an adapter for Spacepole stands. This includes three mounting screws.

SKU: ING-SEN351578      Mfgr Part#: SEN351578




UPM Clip - ENS OEM Stand
UPM Clip - ENS OEM Stand
UPM Clip - ENS OEM Stand. This can be use as an adapter for ENS stands. This UPM clip includes three mounting screws and one security screw

SKU: ING-SEN351912      Mfgr Part#: SEN351912




Clicksafe 2.0 Lock
Clicksafe 2.0 Lock
Clicksafe 2.0 Lock

SKU: ING-SEN351791      Mfgr Part#: SEN351791




Lane/series Low Contour Conversion Kit
Lane/series Low Contour Conversion Kit
Lane/series Low Contour Conversion Kit

SKU: ING-SEN351911      Mfgr Part#: SEN351911




Showing: 1 - 13 of 13 Items

Total Page(s): 1 

Home > Point of Sale Computing > Accessories > Ingenico Other Accessories

POS Accessories Cradles, Battery, Adaptor, Cables, Stylus, Display

POS Accessories Cradles, Battery, Adaptor, Cables, Stylus, Display

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