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Touchscreens & Monitors

Elo, Desktop, Open Frame, Medical, 5-Wire Resistive

POS Global offers a variety of touch screen monitors. Browse our selections and feel free to contact us for more information or to see how our products can benefit your company. Plan on buying something else? Don't forget to purchase a business phone system and stay connected with your customers.

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Elo Touch Solutions
Elo 1515L 15" LCD Touchscreen Monitor - 4:3 - 11.70 ms - 15" Class - AccuTouch - 1024 x 768 - XGA - 16.7 Million Colors - 700:1 - 250 Nit - LED Backlight - USB - VGA - Dark Gray - MPR II, China RoHS - 3 Year

UPC: 0002576958341

SKU: ELO-E210772      Mfgr Part#: E210772


In Stock


Elo Touch Solutions
Elo 1000 Series 1515L Touch Screen Monitor - 15" - Surface Acoustic Wave - 1024 x 768 - 4:3 - Dark Gray

UPC: 0002583243416

SKU: ELO-E700813      Mfgr Part#: E700813


In Stock


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Home > Point of Sale Computing > Monitors > Elo 1515L Desktop Monitors

Touchscreen Monitors Elo, Desktop, Open Frame, Medical, 5-Wire Resistive

Touchscreen Monitors Elo, Desktop, Open Frame, Medical, 5-Wire Resistive

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