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Card Access Control System
Control Panel
Electric Strike
Electromagnetic Lock
Exit Device
Exit Sense Bar
Exit Switch Bar
Glassbreak Detector
Motion Detector
Reader Keypad
Smoke Detector
Zone Control Panel
GE Security
Paxton Access

Aiphone DA 1MD
Aiphone JP Series
AiPhone NEM Series
AiPhone Pwr Supp n Transformers
Aiphone Universal Accessories
AWID Access Control Readers
AWID LR 2000 Long Range Reader
AWID LR 911 Reader
AWID MR 1824 Proximity Reader
AWID SP 6820 Proximity Reader
AWID Universal Accessories
DSC Acuity
DSC AFT 100 Glassbreak Simulator
DSC Batteries
DSC Bravo5 Motion Detector
DSC Detectors Modules
DSC FSA 210 Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector
DSC FSA 410 Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector
DSC Other Accessories
DSC PC4020 Control Panel
DSC Power Series
DSC PowerSeries Neo
DSC Universal Accessories
GE Control Panels
GE Ethernet Switches
GE Rdr n Door Hardware Iface
GE Readers
GE Security 104 Series Heat Detector
GE Security 5150 W Shock Sensor
GE Security 541 Series Smoke Detector
GE Security Concord 4
GE Security ShatterPro 3 Glassbreak Sensor
GE Security ShatterPro Crystal Glassbreak Sensor
GE Security Solution 2000 Glassbreak Detector
GE Security Solution 2200 Glassbreak Detector
GE Security Universal Accessories
HID 1346 ProxKey II
HID 1391 MicroProx Tag
HID 200X iCLASS Card
HID 202X iCLASS Prox Card
HID 204X iCLASS Wiegand Combo Card
HID 206X iCLASS Tag with Adhesive Back
HID 212X iCLASS Prox PVC Poly Card
HID Accessories
HID DuoProx II Proximity Card
HID Edge Readers Controllers
HID EdgeReader Solo ESR40 83120
HID FlexSmart Readers
HID iClass Readers
HID Indala FlexCard
HID Indala FlexKey Keytag
HID ISOProx II Proximity Card
HID MaxiProx Reader
HID MiniProx 5365
HID Multi Class Readers
HID OMNIKEY 3121 USB SmartCard Reader
HID Omnikey Readers
HID Prox Credentials
HID Prox Readers
HID ProxCard II
HID ProxPoint Plus 6005
HID ProxPoint Plus 6008
HID ProxPro 5355
HID ProxPro II 5455 Wall Switch Proximity Reader
HID ProxPro with Keypad 5355
HID R10 Reader 6100
HID R15 Reader 6100
HID R40 Reader 6120
HID RK40 Keypad Reader 6130
HID RKL55 Keypad Reader
HID RM40 multiCLASS Reader
HID RMP40 multiCLASS Reader
HID RP10 multiCLASS Reader
HID RP15 multiCLASS Reader
HID RP40 multiCLASS Reader
HID RPK40 Reader
HID RS10 Reader
HID RW100 Reader
HID RW400 Reader Writer 6121 Smart Card Reader
HID RWK400 Reader Writer Keypad Reader
HID ThinLine II 5395 Proximity Wall Switch Reader
HID Universal Accessories
HID Wiegand Readers
Keri NXT 2D 2 Door Controller
Keri NXT 3R Mullion Reader
Keri NXT 4D 4 Door Controller
Keri NXT 4x4 I O Module
Keri NXT 5R
Keri Universal Accessories
Keyscan Accessories
Keyscan CA 250 Access Control Unit
Keyscan CA 4500 Access Control Unit
Keyscan CA 8500 Access Control Unit
Keyscan Cards and Tags
Keyscan HID R40 Smart Card Reader
Keyscan HID5355 Mid Range Reader
Keyscan HID5365 Slimline Prox Reader
Keyscan HID5375 Long Range Reader
Keyscan HID5395 Wallswitch Prox Reader
Keyscan iCLASS 2000 Application Smart Card
Keyscan iCLASS SE Legacy
Keyscan iCLASS SR Legacy
Keyscan K SMART Contactless Smartcard Reader
Keyscan PX150 ISO30MG Indala Prox Cards
Keyscan PX620 Long Range Indala Prox Reader
Keyscan Universal Accessories
Paxton Access Net2 nano Accessories
Paxton Access PROXIMITY LCD Reader
Paxton Access PROXIMITY P Series Compact Reader
Paxton Access Universal Accessories
RCI 0161 Rim Strike
RCI 0162 Rim Strike
RCI 120 Push Bar
RCI 1200 Series Mechanical Exit Device
RCI 1300 Series Electrified Exit Device
RCI 4 Series Electric Strike
RCI 6 Series Electric Strike
RCI 7 Series Electric Strike
RCI 8310 Electromagnetic Lock
RCI 8320 Double MultiMag
RCI 8320 Double MultiMag Accessories
RCI 8371 Electromagnetic Lock
RCI 8371 Electromagnetic Lock Accessories
RCI 8372 Surface MiniMag Accessories
RCI 8380 GateMag Accessories
RCI 908 Exit Button
RCI 909 Rocker Switch
RCI 915 Passive Infrared Egress Switch
RCI 9320 9321 Easy Read Prox Slimline
RCI 9325 Series Stand Alone Keypad
RCI 9507 Flex Loop
RCI DE8310 Lock
RCI Key Switches
RCI Locks
RCI Universal Accessories
SDC 10TD Timer Module
SDC 1511 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock
SDC 1581 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock
SDC 602RF Power Supply Charger
SDC 631RF Series Power Supply
SDC 632RF Series Power Supply
SDC 634RF Series Power Supply
SDC 636RF Series Power Supply
SDC 700 Series Key Switches
SDC Accessories
SDC E72 Series Lockset
SDC Exit Devices
SDC Locks
SDC MD 31D OW Request to Exit IR Motion Detector
SDC MSB550 Series Exit Switch Bar
SDC PSB560 Series Exit Sense Bar
SDC Strikes
SDC Universal Accessories

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Access Control

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Readers, Keypads, Systems, Exit, Sensors, Detectors

POS Global offers a variety of access control items. Browse our selections and feel free to contact us for more information or to see how our products can benefit your company. Plan on buying something else? Don't forget to purchase a motion detector.

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Motion-Detector Manufacturer: AWID APPLIED WIRELESS ID
MR-1824 Proximity Reader (Grey, AWID Logo, Medium Range Reader, 18-24 Inch)

SKU: AWI-MR1824G0      Mfgr Part#: MR-1824-G-0




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Home > Access-Control > AWID MR 1824 Proximity Reader

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